I really want a letterman


Sexually frustrated trainee mikeru


sometimes you wish you were more than just the boy who didn’t make it to the ocean.


oh thank god the tall club is up

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eren swagster


by -Arest-


erumike week day 2 - scent

i missed day 1 and nothing i was drawing was coming out right so here have day 2 instead

mike was getting undressed to go to sleep and came across one of erwin’s shirts in his bed and it smelled like erwin and it smelled like mike and it smelled like the sex they had the nights before and it got mike hot and bothered



My internet was out today so I wasted time drawing this :p


Life In Mountain Village, Chronicles Part I

Berthold awakens to a tough morning of combat practice. Fellow teammate Reiner Brown decides it best to remain absent that hour, given their female companion’s involvement. He argues, “let them sort it out”.

In the mean time, Annie reaps what little dull entertainment the make-shift blade from 104th trainee division has to offer, having settled on keeping the thing. Every now and then, she checks on Bert, nudging the wood into his abdomen should he be compelled to lose balance.

"Rest assured Bert, it’s because she loves you", he can hear Reiner recite in the back of his mind.

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